Stamps Asia Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan LOT MNH
UZBEKISTAN good coll. 45 stamps all diff. # Lot 2628
OZ1-Uzbekistan 1992-1997 Collection of 29 Stamps and 2 s/s **MNH
RUSSIA: 1914 WWI TASHKENT Charity Stamp, 25 x50 mm, 1 kop, MINT OG
UZBEKISTAN : Beautiful collection of all VF MNH singles, sets & S/Ss. Cat $423.
Local sailors stamp superiority at Sail Qatar 2015
Sail Qatar 2015 is one of the two races QSWSF is hosting this month. From October 23 to 31, QSWSF will also host the IODA Asian and Oceania Championship at the Katara Beach. The QSWSF said top sailors from Asian and world will be seen in action in the ...
Desperation in the epicentre of Southeast Asia's haze crisis
Kartika Sari decided to grab her child and flee the Indonesian city at the epicentre of the haze crisis smothering Southeast Asia. The 32-year-old pharmacist and her three-year-old daughter have for weeks been inhaling toxic air in Palangkaraya ...
Candidates wait for FIFA to rubber-stamp presidential bids
Sexwale and the Bahraini royal Shaikh Salman, the head of the Asian Football Confederation, confirmed their bids on Monday as UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino also entered the running to blow the race wide open. The 49-year-old Shaikh Salman can ...
China seeks to edge out US influence in seas of East Asia
Campbell, former assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said at the recent Center for Strategic ... China wants to put its "own stamp on things," he said. "If you listen very carefully to Chinese friends, they are saying this is no longer an ...
Egyptian arrested for forging postal stamps
Sources said that the stamps were made in Egypt and then smuggled into Kuwait ... Kuwaiti swindled A citizen was swindled by a Syrian who told him he will import winter clothes from an Asian country to sell in a popular market owned by one of his relatives.
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 681 Independence Gold Emblem Stamp w/ Certificate
RUSSIA: 1914 WWI TASHKENT Charity Stamp, 25 x50 mm, 3 kop, MINT OG
RUSSIA: 1914 WWI TASHKENT Charity Stamp, 25 x50 mm, 2 kop, MINT OG
Uzbekistan 2018 Scott Catalogue Pages 567-590
Uzbekistan 1995 #80-7 butterflies set & sheet MNH F866
Uzbekistan 1999 #197-204 football soccer set & sheet MNH E213
Uzbekistan 1997 #141-5 fauna cats panther set & sheet MNH I916
Uzbekistan 1993 Red Deer 20R souvenir sheet ... lot of 3 ... MNH **
UZBEKISTAN - 75 - 78 - USED - 1995 - FOLK TALES
Uzbekistan #118a Mint Never Hinged S/Sheet - Tamarlane
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 104-11 Animals 1996 Stamps
UZBEKISTAN Tashkent Fountains MNH souvenir sheet
UZBEKISTAN Tashkent Railroad Station MNH souvenir sheet
Uzbekistan Scott #88-93 Used
Uzbekistan Scott# 114-16 Summer Olympics 1996 P1
Uzbekistan Scott# 96-100(97 missing) Wildlife 1995 P1
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 630-34 Flowers Stamps (Tulips) 4 vals. & S/S
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 684 20th Anniv. Army Stamp Sheetlet
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 645-49 Flora 2011 Stamps 4 Vals + Souvenir Sheet
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 650 Golden Heritage Crafts Stamp S/S
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 709 Centenary of Soccer Sheetlet
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 635-38 Aquarium Fishes Stamps 3 vals & S/S
HERRICKSTAMP UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 696-700 Flowers Stamps & S/S
LH74596 Uzbekistan 1993 overprint nice lot of good stamps MNH
UZBEKISTAN - 1993 Reptiles Wild Animals Birds - SET of 7-stamps AND 1-M/S MNH
**Uzbekistan, SC# 15-29 MNH Complete Set, Imperf Noted Not Cat, CV $53.80+
UZBEKISTAN. Folktales. 1995 Scott 75-79. MNH (BI#38)
UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 718-22 Chatkalsky Reserve Stamps & Souvenir Sheet
Uzbekistan 2010 Tashkent Zoo set Sc# 592-95 NH
Uzbekistan Bibi-Khanym Mosque Islamic 1995 FDC (banknote coin cover) *rare
Uzbekistan 2017 Navoi Theater UZ181 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2000 Famous people Adzhiniyaz Kusibay MNH stamp
Uzbekistan 1992 History Architecture MNH stamp
Uzbekistan 1992 Architecture MNH stamp
Uzbekistan stamp Tennis Match MNH 1996 Mi 126 WS133648
Uzbekistan stamp Butterflies set + block MNH 2006 Mi 628-634 + 43 WS145977
Uzbekistan stamp Winter olympics, Torino set 2006 MNH Mi 613-614 WS180615
Uzbekistan stamp Medalists of Athen Olympics set 2006 MNH WS113057
Uzbekistan stamp Paintings set MNH 2006 Mi 585-591 WS202340
Uzbekistan Bibi-Khanym Mosque Islamic 1994 Heritage FDC (banknote cover) *rare
Uzbekistan Bibi-Khanym Mosque Islamic 1994 Heritage FDC (coin cover) *rare
Uzbekistan stamp Cheetah set + block 2007 mnh mI 754-757 + 49 WS187740
Uzbekistan WWF Markhor 4 Full Sheets of 25 stamps SG#62-65 SC#64-67 MI#61-64
Uzbekistan 1996 Faijzulla Khodjaev Politics Block/4 Michel #127 CV €40 MNH
Uzbekistan 1996 Abdurauf Fitrat Poet Corner Block/4 Michel #128 CV €40 MNH
Uzbekistan stamp Summer olympics, Uzbek medalists in Athens set 2006 WS180613
Uzbekistan stamp Birds set MNH 2003 Mi 523-526WS8430
Uzbekistan 1992 Birth Bicentenary of Princess Nadira MNH stamp
Uzbekistan stamp Rare plants set 2008 MNH Mi 788-791 WS183415
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Tashkent Fountains 1v M/S Architecture Stamps
Uzbekistan Animals Fish - Save the Aral Sea MS SG#MS116
Uzbekistan Butterfly 1v Block of 4 SG#2 SC#2 MI#2
Uzbekistan WWF Markhor 4v SG#62-65 SC#64-67 MI#61-64 CV£8.2
Uzbekistan Stag Native Fauna MS SG#MS14 SC#14
Uzbekistan Butterfly Melitaea acreina 1v SG#2 SC#2 MI#2
Uzbekistan 2016 MNH Flowers 2v Set + 1v M/S Caper Peony Plants Stamps
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Flowers Hibiscus Crocus Eremurus 2v Set + 1v M/S Stamps
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Navoi Theater Dance Ballet 3v Strip Architecture Stamps
Uzbekistan stamp Equestrian Sports mini sheet 2000 MNH Mi 247-253 WS181490
Uzbekistan stamp Summer olympics, Peking set 2008 MNH Mi 784-787 WS180618
Uzbekistan stamp Oybek writer MNH 2005 Mi 558 WS15536
Uzbekistan 1993-5 four complete sets (23 stamps) and 5 miniature sheets MNH
Uzbekistan Butterfly Melitaea acreina 1v Full Sheet SG#2 SC#2 MI#2
Uzbekistan. 1992~1993. First Issue. SC# 1~8. MNH. 8 Piece
Uzbekistan stamp Paintings set MNH 2006 Mi 585-591 WS202335
UZBEKISTAN Sc.# 718-22 Chatkalsky Reserve Stamps & S/S
Uzbekistan stamp Winter Olympics, Torino margin set MNH 2006 Mi 613-614 WS119765
Uzbekistan 2016 25th Anniv. of Independence UZ98 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2016 Fauna - Birds, Spider, Turtle 2 Values plus Souvenir UZ64 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2016 Flowers 2016 2 Values plus Souvenir Sheet UZ64 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2016 National Costumes UZ64 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2016 Great Silk Way Camels Map UZ64 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2017 Tashkent Fountains UZ266 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2017 Tashkent Metro Subway Station UZ266 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2017 Birds definitives Part 2 UZ266 MNH**
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Yunus Rajabi Railway Station Tashkent Metro 1v M/S Stamps
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Birds Definitives Part 2 3v Set Magpies Storks Stamps
Uzbekistan WWF Markhor 4 Corner Blocks with margins SG#62-65 SC#64-67 MI#61-64
Uzbekistan Lizards Reptiles 1v+Sheetlet+MS SG#202-209 SC#184+186
Uzbekistan Birds Native Fauna 7v+MS SG#7-MS14 SC#7-14
Uzbekistan Lizards Reptiles 1v+MS SG#206=MS209 SC#184+186
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Fruits Peaches Figs 2v Set Round Flowers Plants Stamps
Uzbekistan 2017 MNH Rio 2016 Champions Medal Winners 2v Set Olympics Stamps
Uzbekistan stamp Equestrian sports stamp + minisheet 2000 MNH WS183790
Uzbekistan stamp Paintings corner pair MNH 2003 Mi 534-535 WS8431
Uzbekistan stamp Fish 2 blocks MNH 2006 Mi 41-42 WS156184
UZBEKISTAN 106 - European Red Deer "Cervus elpahus bactrianus" (pa84160)
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Uzbekistan’s convicted extremists continue to recruit in prison
[REUTER SMF/FMS] Last December, the International Crisis Group published the report “Islamists in Prison,” stating that in many Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan, Islamists are trying to recruit new people while behind bars. A number of ...
Destination: Central Asia
(Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent, was earthquake-flattened as recently as 1966.) Central Asia is where Europe abuts Asia and Christianity ... the traces of each of its temporary holder’s stamps. It is home to despairingly vast deserts, several large ...
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan discuss value of public diplomacy
Each country has a sizable diaspora from its neighbour – Tajikistan’s population is 15% Uzbek, while Uzbekistan’s is 5% Tajik – and shared cultural values. Those factors indicate that public diplomacy, an approach used frequently in Central Asia ...
CRBC cements Sino-Kenya ties
With branches and offices in more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America ... These included the Tajikestan-Uzbekistan Highway, reconstruction of the Pakistan Karakoram Highway, reconstruction and expansion of the ...
Socceroos demolish Uzbekistan in Asian Cup semi-final
DOHA: Australia humiliated Uzbekistan 6-0 to romp into the Asian Cup final in an embarrassingly one sided ... Australia took little time to stamp their authority on this game and got the early goal they would have been hoping for in the fifth minute.
Uzbekistan Weekly Roundup
The U.S. devised the NDN through Central Asian countries to compensate for increasing ... ranks to serve for three months until presidential elections. Given Uzbekistan's rubber-stamp parliament, the presidential administration essentially anoints the ...