Stamps Asia Bangladesh
Bangladesh - Early Provisional overprints
Bangladesh MNH Mint Never Hinged Stamp Scott # 68a #117353 X
[G44538] Bangladesh Good lot Very Fine MNH stamps
Local sailors stamp superiority at Sail Qatar 2015
Sail Qatar 2015 is one of the two races QSWSF is hosting this month. From October 23 to 31, QSWSF will also host the IODA Asian and Oceania Championship at the Katara Beach. The QSWSF said top sailors from Asian and world will be seen in action in the ...
Desperation in the epicentre of Southeast Asia's haze crisis
Kartika Sari decided to grab her child and flee the Indonesian city at the epicentre of the haze crisis smothering Southeast Asia. The 32-year-old pharmacist and her three-year-old daughter have for weeks been inhaling toxic air in Palangkaraya ...
Candidates wait for FIFA to rubber-stamp presidential bids
Sexwale and the Bahraini royal Shaikh Salman, the head of the Asian Football Confederation, confirmed their bids on Monday as UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino also entered the running to blow the race wide open. The 49-year-old Shaikh Salman can ...
China seeks to edge out US influence in seas of East Asia
Campbell, former assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said at the recent Center for Strategic ... China wants to put its "own stamp on things," he said. "If you listen very carefully to Chinese friends, they are saying this is no longer an ...
Egyptian arrested for forging postal stamps
Sources said that the stamps were made in Egypt and then smuggled into Kuwait ... Kuwaiti swindled A citizen was swindled by a Syrian who told him he will import winter clothes from an Asian country to sell in a popular market owned by one of his relatives.
Pakistan Period METER Mark used on cover W/ BANGLADESH Overprint from DACCA 1972
Bangladesh Topic India Visit of INDIRA GANDHI Cover 1972
2 Royal Siamese Parcel Post Receipts
Bangladesh, Postage Stamp, #42//54 Used (13 Different), 1973
Bangladesh Mint Sets & Sheets on 4 Stock Sheets, Beautiful Stamps
U.P.U. - Bangladesh -1974 IMPERF sheet of 4-(SC 68A)-MNH-X762
Bangladesh TB Tuberculosis ERROR Color Missing & Imperf Pair Registered cover
Bangladesh 1996 Atlanta Olympic S/S ERROR Perf Missing + Normal MNH Lot#12071a
Bangladesh #68a MNH Bangladesh's most Expensive! RARE!
Bangladesh Contingent UN Peace Force in Saudi Arabia Postage Free PAID Cover '91
LI37308 Bangladesh nice lot of good stamps MNH
Bangladesh Topic ENVIRONMENT 10 Taka Block ERROR Color Shifting MNH Lot#8593 gt
Bangladesh Scott #68a MLH S/S UPU Centenary IMPERF CV$80+
Bangladesh 1973 #42-55 definitives fish flora buildings tiger 14v. MNH G226
Bangladesh Rare Registered Cover Sheik Mujibur Rahman with Black Bar Cancel L228
Bangladesh SC# 68a mint 1974 UPU Imperforate Souvenir sheet nh og f/vf sound
Bangladesh Topic BOAT Racing ERROR Value Shifting on Registered cover gtc
Bangladesh 10t UNICEF ERROR Imperf Block of 4 + 1 Normal MNH Lot#10007 gtc
Bangladesh 1t Immunization ERROR Major Perf Shifting Block of 4 MNH Lot#2633 gtc
Bangladesh Scott 42-55 Mint NH (Catalog Value $57.00)
Bangladesh Bengali New Year 3 diff Color Trial Block of 4 MNH Lot#10013 gtc
Bangladesh Definitive Immunization Vaccine Health Double Print Error
Pakistan Persia Monarchy HORSE Overprint BANGLADESH Solo on cover India 1972 gtc
Bangladesh Scott 68a Mint NH imperf (Catalog Value $115.00)
Bangladesh Fish Week Color Trial Block of 4 + Normal MNH Lot#10008 gtc
Bangladesh UNICEF 4t ERROR Imperf Block of 4 + Normal MNH Lot#10014 gtc
Bangladesh US Bicentennial Statue of Liberty Imperf+Perf S/S M/S MNH Lot#51065a
Bangladesh 4t PEACE KEEPING ERROR Value Missing + Normal MNH Lot#10004 gtc
Bangladesh Jail Martyrs ERROR INVERTED Offset Print Block MNH Lot#10002 gtc
Bangladesh Topic ROTARY Paul Harris ERROR Logo Shifting on Registered cover gtc
Bangladesh 2t Air Port ERROR Major Ink Flow Pair + Normal MNH Lot#2644 gtc
Bangladesh 1974 UPU Centennial S/S Sc# 68a NH
Bangladesh Primary Education Color Trial Block of 4 + Normal MNH Lot#10003 gtc
Bangladesh 1973 SC#42-55 MNH
Bangladesh Old MANUSCRIPT Small Letter San 1252 Bengali ( 1845 AD )
BANGLADESH 68a Mint (ID # 88904)- L
BANGLADESH 68a Mint (ID # 88905)- L
BANGLADESH 68a Mint (ID # 88903)- L
BANGLADESH 68a Mint (ID # 88902)- L
Bangladesh Topic ENVIRONMENT 10 Taka Pair ERROR Color Shifting MNH Lot#8592 gtc
Bangladesh 1973 Definitive set of 14 + Redrawn 3 = 17 MLH Stamp Lot#9669 gtc
Bangladesh Security Press ERROR Perf Shifting Block of 4 MNH Lot#10027 gtc
Bangladesh Topic Flower ERROR Overprint Double on Registered cover gtc
Bangladesh Topic Flower ERROR Overprint Double & Inverted on Registered cover gt
Bangladesh, 1980 50p withdrawn Palestinian Killers issue, VF
Bangladesh Sc 68a MNH. 1974 UPU Imperf Souv Sheet, VF
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc O79 on 1972 Official Cover 2;0
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 134a on 1972 Air Mail cover, BANGLADESH LIBERATION
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 312 on 1972 cover, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF BANGLADESH
Bangladesh Stamps 325x + mint Overprint on Pakistan Issues NH
1974 Bangladesh UPU Souvenir Sheet Sc#68a Mint Never Hinged VF
Bangladesh Sc 68a MNH. 1974 UPU Imperf Souvenir Sheet
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc O84 ovpt for LOCAL USE on cover
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 130/136 used 1961-70 Definitives w/ Local Ovpts, 12 diff
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 131/133a, 5 stamps on 1972 cover to CALCUTTA
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc O78, O80a on 1972 Official cover FARIDPUR-DACCA
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 129/134 MLH. 1961-63 Defins green Bangladesh Local Ovpts
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc O81a, O84 on 1972 Official Cover, scarce
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 129/132b, Bangladesh 1 on 1972 mixed franking cove
Bangladesh Birds S/S FDC on World stamp show NY2016 ~ Imperf Round Shaped ~ 2016
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 134a, 138a, 1972 Registered cover NETRAKONA-DACCA
Bangladesh 1985 #268 Painter Zainul Abedin Color missing Error MNH
Bangladesh 1972 local overprints on stamps of Pakistan & Bangladesh 19 different
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 129b/134a, 5 stamps on colorful 1972 cover
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 133 MLH. 1961 7p emerald w/ Bangladesh Local Ovpts (8)
Bangladesh Birds S/S FDC on World stamp show NY2016 ~ Round Shaped ~ 2016
Bangladesh locals, Pakistan Sc 130b/134a, 1971 Dacca-Calcutta First Flight cover
Bangladesh in UN 1974 United Nation IMPERF Error MNH set
Bangladesh Sc 2 on 1972 cover to RANIPUR, 2 line BANGLADESH handstamp
Bangladesh Stamps # 68A NH 10 Souvenir Sheets Boy Scouts Scott Value $1,000
Bangladesh Stamps # 68A NH Lot of 10 UPU Sheets Scott Value $1,000.00
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 129/136 MLH. 1961-63 Definitives w/ Bangladesh ovpts
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 131b/136a on large 1972 Cover Fragment
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 129/132 MLH. 1961-63 Defins red Bangladesh Local Ovpts
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 129 MLH. 1961 1p violet w/ Bangladesh Local Ovpts (8)
Bangladesh Sc O27/40v MNH. 1979-83 Officials Ovpt Vars.
Bangladesh, Pakistan Sc 132 MLH. 1961 5p ultra w/ Bangladesh Local Ovpts (6)
Bangladesh local, Pakistan Sc 135C used. 1970 20p dull green, block of 10, sound
Bangladesh local Postal Stationery overprinted Pakistan Aerogramme, Postal Card
Bangladesh LOTUS Flower PS Envelope 25p Double Print + Albino Error RARE
Bangladesh Stamps # O1-14 VF OG LH Set of 14 Scott Value $80.10
Bangladesh Canal Digging Double Impression Error
Bangladesh LOTUS Flower PS Envelope 25p Double Print Error Unused RARE .
Bangladesh LOTUS Flower PS Envelope 20p OFFSET & ALBINO unused Error RARE
Bangladesh 1984 Khulnapex Ovpt Triple Error on Colombo Plan MNH
Bangladesh 1982 Definitive Harrison Uk Print SERVICE GUTTER Pair complete set NH
Bangladesh LOTUS Flower PS Envelope 20p Part Print ALBINO Flap unused Error RARE
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Asia Cup: Bangladesh v Pakistan Odds and Betting Preview
BANGLADESH - Hosts Bangladesh are all but eliminated from this competition after a series of poor performances drew questions over the commitment of individual players. Defeat to league leaders Pakistan will rubber stamp that elimination and this is a poor ...
Minnows seek to stamp authority
Bangladesh and Afghanistan are the weakest teams on paper in the Asia Cup and expectedly lost their first games to two other Asian powerhouses - while India crushed Bangladesh by six wickets, Afghanistan fell short of their target against Pakistan by 72 runs.
India’s Growing Ties with Bangladesh
The improved relations are largely due to her efforts to stamp out anti-Indian sentiment ... landlocked northeastern states bordered by Bangladesh. According to analysts, as the biggest country in South Asia, India is keen to engage its neighbor in a ...
New Premier in Bangladesh Vows to Stamp Out Corruption
which wants to turn Bangladesh into a republic ruled by Islamic law, that secular Bangladeshis find most worrisome. ''Jamaat has been a nuisance, but never an electoral power,'' said Gowher Rizvi, a Bangladeshi who leads the Ford Foundation's South Asia ...
Abdus Salam, a 74-year-old stamp aficionado shares with the Star his journey as one of the pioneer philatelists of Bangladesh.
In 1970, he set up the first stamp store in Bangladesh called 'Salam Stamp Centre,' which was ... He is the first person from South Asia to be conferred with the World Postal Certificate by the United Nations postal organisations for his interest in ...
“Massive Challenges Ahead For Bangladeshi Rulers”
Even a naive can understand that the US policymakers are not seeing political stability in Bangladesh under the unique form of (One party rule), where the Bangladeshi current parliament is amongst those rarest rubber -stamp ... on Asia and the Pacific ...